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Continental Technologies for Safety and Comfort

  • Tire sealant ContiSeal prevents flat tires, without the need to stop
  • ContiSilent ensures increased quiet and comfort in the vehicle interior

Tire manufacturer Continental offers two solutions for increased safety and comfort with its ContiSeal and ContiSilent technologies. ContiSeal closes holes in tires caused by screws and nails for example, without the driver needing to stop. ContiSilent absorbs a considerable amount of tire and road noise that can be perceived in the car, therefore ensuring increased quiet and comfort in the vehicle interior.



Developed by Continental, ContiSeal technology allows a vehicle to continue on its way even after a tire has been punctured by a screw or nail. A protective layer on the inner side of the tread immediately seals the puncture, thus preventing air from escaping. The seal functions well for virtually all punctures to the tread caused by objects of up to 5 millimeters in diameter, which means it covers roughly 85 percent of all typical flats. 

Sometimes, in fact, it works so well that motorists don’t even notice that a foreign object has penetrated a tire. For this reason, Continental recommends that such tires, and all others, be checked regularly for nails or screws. The following tire lines are available in certain sizes with ContiSeal technology: ContiSportContact, ContiPremiumContact, ContiEcoContact 5, and ContiWinterContact TS 830 and
TS 850 P.



Hybrid vehicles with an electric drive are almost noiseless. For these vehicles, tire noises are a particular issue because they are not covered up by other noises as they are with the conventional drive, for example. However, even in particularly quiet conventional-drive cars, the tire or road noises could be perceived as disruptive. ContiSilent technology consists of a thin layer of polyurethane foam on the inner side of the tread. It absorbs the vibrations caused by the tire as it rolls. This means that fewer vibrations are transmitted to the chassis and the noises penetrating the interior of the car are noticeably reduced. ContiSilent is used in the tire models in the ContiSportContact line and in the new Conti.eContact tires for hybrid vehicles.

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