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Find out what people are saying about the all-new IceContact XTRM


Driving the AWD Impreza on sheet ice, the studs’ ability to enable understeer recovery – pulling the front end back into line when it started to slide – was outstanding.

- Graham Heeps, Automotive, Technical and Business Writer

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We had the chance to test the new Continental IceContactXTRM with new nail anchoring technology last winter on our WRX test cars. After several days of "extreme" use on our ice circuit, where our professional pilots gave some extreme tricks to passengers. We could see that each of our WRXs did not lose any studs, we were really surprised not only by the strength of the stud, but by their grip on the ice! The Continental Ice Contact XTRM is really the tire of choice to face our Canadian winters!

- Elie Arseneau, General Manager of the Icar Complex in Mirabel, QC


The most telling test was on a small track where we could drive Passat sedans with IceContact XTRMs with and without studs; it helped confirm that the studless models provided grip close to that of the studded versions on icy and snowy roads.

- Éric Descarries, Renowned journalist, LaPresse Auto123

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