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Fitting new tires to your car

Fitting new tires to your car

What tires for which season?

Tire changeover

At some stage in the life of your vehicle, a tire replacement is necessary. A change in seasons may prompt a tire change, so you can optimize your car for driving in all conditions.

Let's go over summer, winter, and all-season tires and see how they perform throughout the seasons.

Winter tires in summer?

Winter tires in summer

Why you shouldn't drive on winter tires in summer.

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Summer tires in winter?

Using summer tires in winter conditions might be dangerous and risks damaging your tires.

Don’t use summer tires in winter.

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Summer vs. winter vs. all-season tires


When do you need summer tires, winter tires or all season tires?

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Why do I need winter tires?

Here's why you need winter tires.

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Winter tires or snow tires?


It is common to use these ‘winter’ and ‘snow’ interchangeably when referring to tires that perform in winter. The truth is that snow tires should really be called winter tires and here’s why!

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Does cold weather affect tire pressure?


Learn how to look after your tire pressure during cold winter months

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