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ExtremeContact™ DWS 06

Designed for drivers seeking true, year round traction.






All Season


ExtremeContact™ DWS 06

For drivers seeking extreme grip in all weather conditions and superior tread life.


The Passenger and SUV, Ultra-High Performance, All-season Tire

  • Enhanced performance in dry conditions.
  • Outstanding wet handling and braking.
  • Impressive snow performance
  • Excellent tread life and fuel efficiency
  • Tuned Performance indicators
  • SportPlus Technology
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Technical Details


Chamfered Edge Technology

ExtremeContact™ DWS 06 has a unique “chamfered edge” technology for dry performance. This dry road surface technology generates greater acceleration grip, handling and braking traction in dry conditions. Solid outer shoulder and chamfered pattern edges concentrates on a maximum surface contact, resulting in increased traction.


Superb Wet Handling.

The Continental ExtremeContact™ DWS 06 has high void to tread ratio which improves water evacuation for outstanding wet handling. Void to tread ratio means the amount of void area in the tread vs. the amount of tread pattern making contact with the road surface. This void allows water to be absorbed into the pattern and then quickly evacuated.

Visual Indicator
for optimum performance.

Tuned Performance Indicators alert drivers about tire's performance level in Dry, Wet and Snow conditions.

DWS indicates tire is tuned for optimum performance (D for Dry, W for Wet, S for Snow).

When indicators disappear, tire is no longer tuned for optimum performance in that particular road condition.


Reduced Rolling Resistance and long tread wear.

The Continental ExtremeContact™ DWS 06 has industry leading treadlife combined with lower rolling resistance and improved energy delivery to the road surface. This outstanding combination of traction, long wear and reduced rolling resistance is accomplished thought “Dynamic Temperature Distribution”.


Improves tread life while enhancing grip on wet roads and provides precise steering for maximum control.


Outstanding Snow-On-Snow Traction.

Traction Grooves Provide Additional Biting Edges inside of the groove for Enhanced Snow Traction when you Need it Most.

Product Range

Tire size Load/Speed-Index Load Rating Rim Protection Technologies OE Tire Marking
195/50ZR16 84W
205/45ZR16 83W FR
205/50ZR16 87W
205/55ZR16 91W
215/55ZR16 93W
225/50ZR16 92W
225/55ZR16 95W
Tire size Load/Speed-Index Load Rating Rim Protection Technologies OE Tire Marking
205/45ZR17 88W XL FR
205/50ZR17 93W XL FR
215/45ZR17 91W XL FR
215/50ZR17 95W XL FR
215/55ZR17 94W
225/45ZR17 91W FR
225/50ZR17 94W FR
225/55ZR17 97W
235/45ZR17 94W FR
235/50ZR17 96W FR
235/55ZR17 99W
245/40ZR17 91W FR
245/45ZR17 99Y XL FR
245/50ZR17 99W FR
255/40ZR17 94W FR
255/45ZR17 98W FR
Tire size Load/Speed-Index Load Rating Rim Protection Technologies OE Tire Marking
215/40ZR18 89Y XL FR
215/45ZR18 93Y XL FR
225/40ZR18 92Y XL FR
225/45ZR18 91Y FR
225/50ZR18 95W FR
235/40ZR18 95Y XL FR
235/45ZR18 98Y XL FR
235/50ZR18 97W FR
235/55ZR18 100W
235/60ZR18 107W XL FR
245/35ZR18 92Y XL FR
245/40ZR18 97Y XL FR
245/45ZR18 100Y XL FR
245/50ZR18 100W FR
245/55ZR18 103W FR
255/35ZR18 94Y XL FR
255/40ZR18 99Y XL FR
255/45ZR18 103Y XL FR
255/55ZR18 109W XL FR
265/35ZR18 97Y XL FR
265/40ZR18 101Y XL FR
275/35ZR18 95Y FR
275/40ZR18 99Y FR
285/35ZR18 101Y XL FR
295/35ZR18 99Y FR
Tire size Load/Speed-Index Load Rating Rim Protection Technologies OE Tire Marking
225/40ZR19 93Y XL FR
225/45ZR19 92W FR
235/35ZR19 91Y XL FR
235/55ZR19 105W XL FR
245/35ZR19 93Y XL FR
245/40ZR19 98Y XL FR
245/45ZR19 98Y FR
245/50ZR19 105Y XL FR
255/35ZR19 96Y XL FR
255/40ZR19 100Y XL FR
255/45ZR19 104W XL FR
255/50ZR19 107W XL FR
265/30ZR19 93Y XL FR
265/35ZR19 98Y XL FR
275/30ZR19 96Y XL FR
275/35ZR19 100Y XL FR
275/40ZR19 101Y FR
275/45ZR19 108W XL FR
285/30ZR19 98Y XL FR
285/35ZR19 99Y FR
Tire size Load/Speed-Index Load Rating Rim Protection Technologies OE Tire Marking
245/35ZR20 95Y XL FR
245/40ZR20 99Y XL FR
245/45ZR20 103Y XL FR
255/35ZR20 97W XL FR
255/45ZR20 105Y XL FR
255/50ZR20 109Y XL FR
265/35ZR20 99Y XL FR
265/45ZR20 104Y FR
275/30ZR20 97Y XL FR
275/35ZR20 102Y XL FR
275/40ZR20 106Y XL FR
275/45ZR20 110W XL FR
285/30ZR20 99W XL FR
295/40ZR20 110W XL FR
295/45ZR20 114W XL FR
315/35ZR20 110Y XL FR
Tire size Load/Speed-Index Load Rating Rim Protection Technologies OE Tire Marking
295/35ZR21 107Y XL FR
295/40ZR21 111Y XL FR
Tire size Load/Speed-Index Load Rating Rim Protection Technologies OE Tire Marking
255/30ZR22 95Y XL FR
265/30ZR22 97Y XL FR
265/35ZR22 102W XL FR
265/40ZR22 106W XL FR
275/40ZR22 108W XL FR
285/30ZR22 101Y XL FR
285/35ZR22 106W XL FR
295/25ZR22 97Y XL FR

Total Confidence Plan Inclusions

Road Hazard

Continental’s Road Hazard Coverage makes it unique in the industry because it applies to all Continental Branded Tires that are purchased as replacement, and is a promise of a free comparable replacement tire during the first 12 months after purchase or 2/32nds of treadwear (whichever comes first).


All Continental Passenger and Light Truck Tires are eligible for the Limited Warranty and Adjustment Policy for a maximum of 72 months from the date of purchase. The Policy allows for free replacement during the first 12 months from the date of purchase or the first 2/32nds of wear.


All Continental Passenger and Light Truck Tires bearing the Continental name and D.O.T. serial numbers are covered up to 60 days (or the first 2/32nds treadwear, whichever comes first).


Coverage on select replacement products up to 144,000 kms.


Complimentary flat change or towing up to 250 kms at no charge.*

*Tires must be registered online after purchase to qualify for roadside assistance. Please go to to register your tires and activate your roadside assistance protection. Registration must be completed within 45 days of purchase. Coverage is for 3 (three) years from the time of registration. Limit of 3 covered events for the coverage term. You will need to complete all the required information on the form including proof of purchase details. Once completed, your roadside assistance card will be emailed to you. Only the vehicle registered on the website at the time of purchase will be serviced under the program.

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