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ProContact™ TX

Exceptional Grip All-Season Long.

The ProContact™ TX is a champion of fuel efficiency, with a state-of-the-art silica compound that lowers rolling resistance and greatly improves gas mileage.

Sporting a complex multidirectional tread design, it simultaneously offers superior grip and outstanding noise reduction for great traction and a quiet ride. With improved steering precision and dry performance, the ProContact™ TX provides a significant balance between comfort and all-season touring performance.

  • Performance tuned to your vehicle: Original equipment optimized construction.
  • Impacts and road vibrations are absorbed for a smooth ride: Low density undertread compound.
  • Reduced noise: Blocking rib on shoulder block keeps noise contained in tread area.
  • Excellent all-weather grip and handling for touring vehicles: Balanced sipe-to-block ratio.
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